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jpnA well preserved riparian strip on a tributary to Lake Erie. "Riparian" redirects here. For the legal doctrine, see "riparian water rights.
A riparian zone or riparian area is the interface between land and a river or stream. Riparian is also the proper nomenclature for one of the fifteen terrestrial Biomes of the earth.
riparian pronunciation /rɪˈpɛər i ən, raɪ-/ Show Spelled Show IPA –adjective1.of, pertaining to, or situated or dwelling on the bank of a river or other body of water: riparian villas. –noun2.Law.
ripariana dweller on the bank of a river. — riparian, adj.See also: RiversThesaurusLegend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Adj. 1.
RIPARIAN BUFFERS: WHAT ARE THEY and HOW DO THEY WORK? Definition Riparian buffers are vegetated areas next to water resources that protect water resources from nonpoint source pollution and provide bank stabilization and aquatic and wildlife habitat.
Riparian water, as distinguished from flood water, is the water that is below the highest line of normal flow of the river or stream. See: water rights.
riparian management and discusses how watershed residents can work together to protect this vital resource.
Riparian zone restoration = From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search See also: Buffer strip Riparian Zone Restoration is the ecological restoration of Riparian zone habitats of streams, rivers, springs, lakes, floodplains,
Riparian zone on the New River. (Source: U.S. National Park Service)Riparian zone on the New River. (Source: U.S. National Park Service) Riparian zones are ecosystems located along the banks of rivers, streams, creeks, or any other water networks.
the riparian zones in the coterminous 48 states have been destroyed, and very few remain in their original, pristine condition. It is the actions of man that put these resources in danger.
The Colorado Riparian Association = working to keep the green line green...
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Riparian Restoration = Riparian areas are commonly impacted by human activities such as urban development, agriculture, and timber harvest.
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Riparian zones are the transition areas between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (Gregory et al. 1991).
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Riparian : an area of land adjacent to a stream, river, lake or wetland that contains vegetation that, due to the presence of water, is distinctly different from the vegetation of adjacent upland areas.
Riparian ecosystem dynamics in relation to fire in the Rocky Mountains Introduction Research has been requested by Region One to define past and current conditions and frequencies of fire, determine ecosystem responses and conditions resulting from recent burns in riparian
Stream Conditions: Riparian Function and Protection = lod.jpg (49150 bytes) The area of vegetation near streams is known as the riparian zone.